Timers and more...

  • Countdown.exe: A very big Countdown timer for windows.
  • Scrabble.exe: A Scrabble timer for windows.

  • chat.exe : a (Indy 10) chat program version for e.g. Net Tic Tac Toe. Install it in the same path as the main program.

  • Toss-up for chess, checkers or draughts
  • TosPlus :Toss-up plus scorekeeper, email me for a custom version

  • Commodore 64 : My Own Composition from 1988
  • Commodore 64 : Scroller, text at $0400 end with @ and hit return
  • Commodore 64 : Scrollmagic 3D, type text and end with a space and @ or RUN/Reset then put text at $C400 and sys50146

  • Opmerkingen voor KPN gebruikers. Notes for KPN users in dutch.

    Tips for My Software: -Type ipconfig at the command prompt to discover your ip4 address to use with some of the games.
            - all games: make sure your font size is set to default 96 DPI: this can be achieved in vista: type font in control panel
            - Net Memory: first connect then start
            - Net Memory: don't play too fast, keep for instance a minimum time interval of 1 second between mouseclicks
            - Net Memory: you can play it via internet and also by connecting a standard network cable (UTP) between 2 PC's or over a LAN.

    email me if you have questions: hannopondaag@gmail.com

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