Net Lingo

  • Net Lingo : installatie pakket voor windows. Java 7 SE ,of hoger, moet eerst geinstalleerd zijn ! Lingo spelen tegen elkaar via het net! Kan ook offline zijn dienst bewijzen voor het spelen met meerdere spelers!
  • Net Lingo java : voer dit bestand direct uit op bv uw Apple PC/Mac OS X of Linux PC (na installatie van Java 7 SE, of hoger!). Lingo spelen voor 2 personen of teams.
    starten onder Linux: type in een terminalvenster in de map van het gedownloade bestand : java -jar NetLingo.jar

    Hanno's software


    Een video:

    Your own local IP-address: you will find it by typing 'ipconfig' in CMD or the command-prompt for connecting in a LAN.

    Playing in a LAN (Local Area Network) or direct via an UTP-cable works somewhat different from playing on the WAN internet: The IP-address to connect, you fill this in: you can get it by typing 'ipconfig' in CMD, the command-prompt. You can type CMD in the search field on Windows 10 on your taskbar. In CMD look carefully for 'Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi' if you are connected via Wi-Fi.

    The IP-address from your opponent on the WAN: you will have to get it via WhatsApp e.g. from him/her. He/she can get it from : you have to send it to your opponent via WhatsApp of phone. I read somewhere about: TCP/IP connection seems not always 100 percent reliable !
  • Get to know your IP-address for the outside world : send this via WhatsApp so your opponent can fill it in for Net Lingo. Also you may want to configure your MODEM for port-forwarding on port 1200 (I guess, I will verify this shortly, but for now else you can try port 1400 probably also, one or the other works I guess). This can be done on a Modem called type B12 box on KPN. The Modems/WiFi routers I used have an option to establish this, others will probably have too. Also any Wi-Fi routers may have this possibility, I don't own a router myself, not necessary.

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