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  • Custom Sudoku is in the Microsoft Store and on Xbox Official website !: Most recent version/update, Certificated end Product, can be found in the (library of..) the Microsoft Store also. Description and Manual: : check the Description below of the video (of one earlier version of the product). Now with Direct Selecting with the Stepper arrows for step wise selecting of the built in Puzzles. Autosave when Closing, Exitting or Quitting the Program. Finally: the right puzzlenumber & level displaying when Save becomes selected or when Autosave gets initiated. Custom Sudoku update with renewed layout design in the Microsoft Store and on the official website of Xbox and in the Xbox store for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One. New this update: fixed behaviour for the little box in the bottom right corner of the white 3x3 box in the right bottom corner of the playing Field. This update is with the right Puzzlenumber and Level when saving is chosen and done. Steppers for control and of the arrows. Direct Selecting of the Refresh/Load from resources symbol. Autosave when closing or exitting the program and optional every minute. Endless and Ultimate Fun puzzling and playing for both young and old. And this update is for existing customers too: please update/download it in the library of the Microsoft Store or remove the old version then (re) install.


    Sudoku puzzle player/helper program: fill in a sudoku puzzle, play it, save it and load it! Or play one out of 80 puzzles built in ! Four different levels: easy, medium, hard & very hard !
    To deselect a green selected arrow: click on a randomly chosen green spot in the screen area !
    Sudoku Puzzle Player/Toolbox, it will verify sudoku puzzles: Input or bring your own Sudoku puzzles, any of your choice (from Puzzle booklets, newspapers or magazines for instance). Play them, save them and reload & continue them (one at a time) ! With nice Sound Effects. With New neat Lay-out.
    After inputting the numbers of your choice finish the Puzzle you have by confirming your inputs with touching or pressing the [Lock numbers] symbol with your forefinger or mouse.
    Basically the Game tolerates or allows for 2 mistakes a Person to make. Once you make a 3rd Number wrong input; it is Game Over. In combination with the Pencil symbol or icon you can make 'little notes' or let's say input the 'little Numbers' as reminders into the square boxes. In combination with the black disk symbol you can Save a puzzle before Quitting. With the black 'refresh' symbol you can reload a previously Saved Puzzle from an earlier Run. Reloading, after 'Quitting and saving' are working 'out-of-the-box', there is no such a thing necessary as/ NO 'Run(ning) as Administrator' or something. Use the black disk symbol for saving an unfinished puzzle. NB: there is an Autosave functionality in the Program when Closing or Quitting it and optional every minute (if you want to try the new optional Autosave symbols start trying them out by clicking the big green Checkmark symbol to switch Autosave to Off !).
    - With 80 Puzzles built in (4 levels: easy, medium, hard & very hard) to load from memory !
    Do you want the default built in Puzzles ?
    First you select the puzzle number with the arrows in the horizontal aligned direction.
    Second, with the arrows in the vertical direction aligned, you can Change the level of the Puzzle selected.
    Then in combination with the yellow refresh symbol you can load the resulting selected puzzle (see Status: ..) from memory resources. Press the 'Start button for restarting the workload.

    Tips or Remarks: - In some cases you might want to adjust your screen resolution according to what best suits you to a mode that fits with everything in the focus of the screen, for instance on a tablet: 1920 x 1080 (example).
    - For a more pleasurable seamless experience on a tablet: make sure you work with a full battery, unless you are plugged into a wall socket with your device so your tablet stays charged all the time.
    - solving a Puzzle together with someone (for instance: your Spouse, Partner, Friend or Aquaintance) can perhaps be pleasurable also. 'Who is finishing the Puzzle first..?!'

  • Custom Sudoku 2020 Custom Sudoku WebGl 2020, older work for your web browser. Just press OK and start playing. Usually launched within 15 seconds of tapping OK with your index finger or clicking with your mouse.

    Credits: with their sounds:
    Pling, which is in the public domain,- recorded by Kevan GC
    Text Message alert, which has a Attribution 3.0 license, by Daniel Simon
    Short triumphal fanfare (Attribution 3.0 license) by John Strack
    'Sad Trombone' by Joe Lamb (Attribution 3.0)
    'Tick' recorded by DeepFrozenApps (Attribution 3.0)
    and 'Blop' by Mark DiAngelo (Attribution 3.0)

    save icon:
    Icons made by Google from
    load/refresh icon:
    Icons made by Google from

    lock icon:
    Designed by -

    The Autosave icons:
    Image by juicy_fish on Freepik

    The generated sudoku puzzles:
    They are from Open Sudoku maintained by Óscar García Amor

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